Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary

I am currently Director of Communications And Social Media at Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary in Poughquag, NY.

The sanctuary is a non-profit that takes care of more than 100 farm animals that have been rescued from abusive situations. The sanctuary raises awareness about the plight of animals raised for food, the benefits of a vegan diet for human health, and the environment. The sanctuary also strives to implement progressive ideas, such as sustainable design, and soil restoration.

In the table below, you will find links to the social media webpages that I manage as well as flyers for the Adopt a Turkey program that I coordinate, and several educational materials that I created using Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Social Media Pages

Since I begain working on Safe Haven's social media presence, Facebook following has increased by 50%.

Safe Haven Facbook Page

Safe Haven Twitter Page

Adopt a Turkey Program

The Adopt A Turkey Program is a program where supporters of the Sanctuary can donate money to help take care of one or more of the turkeys at the Sanctuary.

After completing an adoption form, the supporter receives an adoption certificate with a picture of their adopted turkey(s). Certificates may also be given as gifts. The certificates are especially popular around Thanksgiving and the winter holidays.

I created the form and certificates for the program. I am also responsible for sending out the certificates and for the online advertisements of the program. The program has been very successful in raising funds for Safe Haven.


The sanctuary releases a quarterly newsletter that updates supporters and visitors to the sanctuary on all that is new at Safe Haven. I am a writer, photographer, designer, and editor for the newsletter.


I have also written and created a vegetarian recipe brochure and FAQ answer sheet for the visitors to the sanctuary who are interested in learning about a vegetarian diet.


Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Before starting Good Green Vibes, I was the Communications and Social Media Intern at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) in Washington, DC.

PCRM is a non-profit that promotes preventative medicine through plant-based nutrition, conducts clinical research, and advocates for animal-free research methods in order to produce scientific findings that are reliable and humane.

In the table below, you will find short descriptions of my contributions to different PCRM projects and samples of my work.

Social Media

One of my main tasks at PCRM was to write daily posts for PCRM's Facebook and Twitter pages. The posts had to fit within PCRM's specific and unique brand voice. Here are a few of the posts that I created. They were very effective in helping PCRM connect with the public.





In addition to writing posts, I designed and planned a Facebook strategy for improving one of PCRM's Facebook pages which focused on PCRM's 21-Day Kickstart, a free online weight loss and health improvement program. Since implementing my strategy, the page has increased its audience's number of "shares", "likes", and "comments" on the page.

Mastering the Menu

Images and shareable graphics are becoming very popular on social media.

At PCRM, I coordinated and designed a series of graphics that would help followers of PCRM's low-fat vegan diet guidelines know what to order at different restaurants (Mexican, Japanese, Italian, etc.). Shareable graphics, such as those found in my "Mastering the Menu" series, are an inexpensive way for any busniess/organization to get their name out to a large audience.

Here is one of my shareable graphics from the "Mastering the Menu" series.

Pick a Plant

As an intern, I also provided feedback and ideas at staff meetings for on-going projects.

I contributed to PCRM's Drop the Dog campaign. The Campaign encourages families, children, and schools to give up processed meats. I helped edit the webpage and came up with the phrase, "Pick a Plant". The phrase is used in many of the campaign's educational and promotional materials.

University of Vermont

As a senior at the University of Vermont (UVM), I designed, researched, wrote, and earned an environmental studies honors thesis.

My thesis was a qualitative research study in which I intereviewed seventeen participants about how they decided to adopt an entirely plant-based diet and ultimately bridge the gap between their behaviors and values (for protecting the planet, their health, and animals).

If you would like to read my thesis, here is the PDF. You can also find it online.